The correct selection and use of the brake fluid

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<p>Together with the fast development of the automotive sector, many workers will have their very own vehicle. Considering that many of the house owners is a insufficient knowing in the appropriate information from the brake fluid, there are many problems in the selection and use of the ensuing website traffic accidents generally seen. Relevant information clearly show that China in 2005 killed practically ten million individuals in all types of targeted traffic incidents, of which 30% is induced by brake failure, obd2 bluetoothbrake fluid unqualified bring about brake failure. Hence, we will have to vigorously popularize this know-how, the appropriate utilization of the brake fluid to make certain road security.</p>

<p>Very first, the kind of brake fluid

Sources of raw components when it comes to brake fluid, brake fluid is divided into alcohol, mineral oil, synthetic three groups. Alcohol-type mineral oil form may be eradicated, the popular market place of the brake fluid is a synthetic brake fluid.</p>

1. -Type brake fluid

-Type brake fluid is often a preparation created from low-carbon alcohol and castor oil, crystal clear colorless or gentle yellow clear liquid obtained by precipitation.

Easy to get alcohol brake fluid uncooked components, the synthesis process is uncomplicated, affordable, higher and very low temperature efficiency are lousyキセノンランプ, but simply because of its very low boiling stage, can simply create air resistance at high temps, steady braking, metal corrosion, rubber compatibility have some harm to the automobile hydraulic brake components, so very easily result in accidents. China because 1990, experienced eradicated booze brake fluid.

2. Mineral oil-type brake fluid

<p>The mineral oil-type brake fluid to pink transparent fluid, depending on refined oil fraction in the depth of dewaxing C12 ~ C19 isoparaffin and paraffinic elements as the base oil, introducing a thickening agent, anti-oxidant, anti-rust brokers blending .

The mineral oil-based brake fluid is usually utilized in a temperature selection of -50 ~ 150 ?? very good cold circulation resistance and lubricity, non-corrosive impact around the metallic, however the natural rubber features a inflammation impact. When making use of this sort of brake fluid, the braking system should be every one of the cups, the hose alternative into a mineral oil-resistant rubber parts. The mineral oil-type brake fluid and water immiscible, simple to generate the fuel barrier house under high temperature, influencing the braking efficiency. At the moment, China and Europe and also the United states no longer use mineral oil sort brake fluid.</p>

3. Synthetic brake fluid

<p>Synthetic brake fluid typically ethylene glycol ether, diethylene glycol ether,ECUプログラマーtriethylene glycol ether, a water-soluble polyester, a polyether, a silicone oil, just like solvent is additional to the lubricant and an additive composition, and its operating temperature as much as two hundred C, viscosity - temperature are very small, rubber and metal corrosion, appropriate for high-speed, high-power, hefty obligation and repeated braking vehicle, is currently essentially the most broadly utilised brake fluid.</p>