The Many Uses Of Radar Detectors

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<p>We've all been there. You wake up late, jump out of bed and run, toothbrush in you mouth and fumbling with your keys to the car. You're late for work. But no worries mate. You have your "avoid jail altogether card" sitting on your dash. You radar detector blinks to life as you shove the key into the ignition and you smile for the first time that morning.</p><p>Ever sine we watched Smokey and the Bandit, we've learned to love our little dashboard buddies that keep us ahead of the police and speeding tickets autel maxisys ms906. The uses of radar detectors have grown from being our illegal sidekick to helping weathermen gauge the next storm surge or scientists track an unidentified object on the ocean floor or in the skies above us. We have also seen the uses of radar detectors snatched wholeheartedly by the military.</p><p>Although the design of radar detectors that are used by the military vary from those that can be carried in a car for a green light to speed, they use the same radio waves to detect the speed and direction of missiles, both in the air or under the water. The beacon what blinks on the console that seems to be the center of attention in all those submarine movies is nothing but an example of radar at work, keeping track of any threats or debris in the water around the craft.</p><p>Ever wanted to know what's on the ocean floor in the Bermuda Triangle? How about looking for proof of the lost city of Atlantis? Well, thanks to another use of the radar detector, we have a chance at seeing these mysterious geographic areas firsthand. Scientists would possibly be able to send unmanned underwater vehicles down to take pictures of the ocean floor and the surrounding area. The scientists would be able to wait at a safe distance while the radar detector mapped out the scene for them, returning its findings to the receiver on the ship.</p><p>Radar detectors are also used to map and predict weather patterns MaxiSys Pro. How can a radar detector that tracks dense objects like missiles and speeding cars track a cloud's movement, you ask? Well, by increasing the amplification of the radio waves that are received, we can get a clear picture of the less dense objects floating above us in the sky. Our ability to track and gauge the severity of storms can help us to avoid situations like Katrina and the multitude of weather-related tragedies the news throws at us everyday.</p><p>Keeping our eyes on outer space can also be assisted by radar detectors. Mission control stations all over the world have receivers and detectors searching for audible, physical and visual phenomenon outside of our ozone layer.</p><p>So go ahead, speed if you're late for work. Use that radar detector. But remember, just because you CAN speed, doesn't mean you SHOULD. Why not put that radar detector to better use looking for treasure in the lake behind your house?</p>Speeding Drivers Guide is a directory site that provides comprehensive resources on Radar/Laser Detectors, speed trap locations and how to fight a speeding ticket.
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