The BMW car audio output troubleshooting

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A mileage only 5000km 2012 BMW 530Li sedan. obd2 コネクタ Demonstrates the operator: the vehicle audio often no sound, and sometimes turn off after a couple of minutes once the re-start and audio output, CD, radio, PDC audio output of the phenomenon.

The car was outfitted with all the Car Data Laptop (CIC) and high-fidelity amplifier (AMPH), AMPH lessen voltage (for example, weak audio indicators from CIC) is converted to the better voltage and energy. Then perform by way of the truck obd2 tool vehicle's speaker, the volume might be altered. AMPH is really an 8-channel amplifier which has a digital equalizer. Use only one from the 7 channels. To manage the coding and diagnostics, significant fidelity amplifier is connected to the K-CAN. Audio signal to analog sort, transferred from the host to a higher fidelity amplifier.

Initial decide on ISID diagnosis, examination final results not the fault saved from the audio manage system. Increase a tests plan to check the applicable areas, according into the tests course, audio examination, car key programmer or there is no audio output. Preliminary judgment CIC failure. In the end, taking into consideration the automobile is new, CIC failure likelihood is extremely small, together with other capabilities that usually no fault storage, diagnosis, so I decided to swap factors exclude what.

Initial this automobile CIC and amplifiers installed in other vehicles, the audio output is standard. Other automobiles the CIC and amplifier install with this auto, Car OBD2 Tools supplier no audio output. Description CIC and AMPH auto no issue. Measuring the CIC to AMPH audio output line, no short circuit or open up circuit phenomenon. For that reason, the final judgment the AMPH audio output for the speaker line among the title.

Initial disconnect the motor vehicles 1 specific by 1 unique from the speaker aspect every speaker is connected, or there is no audio output. Disconnect every single speaker linked 1 by one, and afterwards through the amplifier facet when two cable Disconnect the remaining front door midrange speaker, audio output returned to usual. Measurement of remaining front doorway midrange speaker car diagnosis tool shop audio output line LSPVL the 10 pairs of limited circuit, disconnect the remaining front door midrange speaker, small circuit even now exists. So is definitely the line itself to short-circuit. Look at measurements located which the short-circuit stage from the again of your instrument sets, harness and instrument skeleton frayed leather-based. Eventually, for the weakened harness dressing and re-fixed harness place troubleshooting.