The Alternatives To Gasoline

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<p>I'm sure if you're like me, you hate to pull up to the gas pump and see the awful prices at the pump. Honestly, who wants to pay over four dollars a gallon to drive places? Wasn't this gas only a few dollars a gallon just a year ago? As much as we vent, we always try to find ways around it but when it comes to gas, it's something we need so matter how much they charge, we will always come out of the woodwork and pay it but the question today is "Are there alternative to fuel" and the answer is YES! Let me explain a few to you.</p><p>E85 and Bioethanol</p><p>I'm sure you're reading this subtitle already and thinking to yourself ds808, "I've heard of this, doesn't it contain gasoline?" The simple answer to this question is yes. E85 is an alcohol fuel mixture that is made up of 85% denatured fuel ethanol and gasoline by volume. E85 is generally better for the economy and is also relies on the corn crop. This means that if America ever catches onto the E85 based fuels, a demand for corn will definitely crow. As I look at it, no matter what the economy runs on, there will always be a demand for a natural resource.</p><p>Battery Electric</p><p>Another type of car that's trying to catch on is the battery electric vehicle. As it says, a battery electric car solely relies on the battery of the automobile. This would mean that you would have to charge your car at home or a charging station in order for your car to work. You could almost picture this like a cell phone. As your battery bar gets lower, you will need to charge it up. There would be no difference with a vehicle like this.</p><p>CNG</p><p>CNG or known as compressed natural gas is another substitute for gasoline. CNG is considered to be one of the more environmental friendly substitutes. CNG is made by compressing natural gas and is stored in natural containers.</p><p>As you can notice by now, there are a few alternative ways that come to gasoline. What you have to remember is that the USA and the rest of world, well some parts of the world just aren't catching on or not putting in enough research. When it comes to creating a substitute, you have to factor in many other things like stations where you would fill up regardless of what it is. You could only imagine what it would look like if you're taking a road trip and your electric battery died. Another thing to keep in mind is the infrastructures, the development of cars, etc. This is something that can't be done overnight. As long as we are patient and we don't buy the big SUVs and drive to places we don't need to go to, us as people could possibly drop the demand for gas therefore dropping the prices. If we choose to do the opposite then we can't blame anyone but ourselves.</p>Find a gas credit card and more of Tom's work at FINDgascards x431 pro mini.
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