Some Car Equipments Need to Inspect After Long Vacation

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<p>After driving back we will have four wheels tires are to conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance, but also to carry out an inspection of the spare wheel autel ms906. Only keep them in good condition, so that when we later life it can give me a better job.</p><p>After a long journey, vehicle air filter and air filter is the most need to be checked, because we go to the local environment may not be very good, like this will let the above two filter faster dirty thus affect the use, it is recommended that you replace a new air conditioning and the air cleaner in the back of the check.</p><p>Self driving travel encounter complex road conditions is backing, if it has support, advice to the 4S shop or repair shop to check the suspension lower arm, the oil pan is damaged, there is the issue of timely repair replacement. Installing the chassis shield can reduce support for chassis damage.</p><p>In the domestic part of the city, still is the use of ethanol gasoline, in addition to those who request to add more than 95 gasoline cars (most turbocharged models), in many city gas can not meet the label, only 93 gasoline hard to, the impact on the overall performance of the engine. So if you are high grade gasoline vehicles, plus the low grade oil in other areas, the back should be promptly to the 4S shop for oil inspection, if the problem is serious proposal directly to do oil cleaning maintenance.</p><p>The use of vehicles in the city, the average daily mileage in the 20-100 kilometers, but if a long car ride, basically are in accordance with the 100 kilometers to calculate the mileage, across the North South or something like self driving basically is 1000-2000 km. In accordance with the usual is six months to a year to maintain a habit is broken, can drive the return, has already reached the next maintenance mileage. So everyone in the car back, remember to check whether the number of kilometers has reached maintenance mileage, do not miss.</p><p>The brake system is not saying much, both long trip or normal use, have a good braking system is very important. If the brake disc and brake wear or scratches will need to repair or replacement in a timely manner autel maxidas ds808.</p><p>Most of the vehicles equipped with trip computer, which will record the vehicle and we can't perceive the vehicle fault code, so before self-driving can help solve some of the problems in the vehicle 4S shop check the vehicle computer.</p><p>Effect of full battery is to ensure that the engine can be successfully started, and each battery will have a low starting current or voltage to the critical point, if less than this critical point of starting vehicles will be very difficult. So here to remind the ready to cold regions self-driving friends must check the battery.</p>
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