Smoking While Pregnant

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Smoking While Pregnant

            <p>For so many years now we have know that smoking while pregnant is not healthy, but smoking has been a part of our lives, regardless of whether we smoke or not. And for that it has been a detrimental factor in everybody's lives; sad to say, that includes the unborn babies.                        

<br /> Surveys show that many mothers are still smoking while pregnant. They contend that it does not affect their baby at all. In most instances, these are the mothers that do not care for their unborn child, because if they did they would know that smoking poses great danger during pregnancy. They would know that it is currently one of the major causes of infant deaths in our society today. If your smoking while pregnant, you are more likely to birth a child who is underweight. Low birth weight babies are at greater risk for childhood and adult illnesses and even death. Babies of smokers have less muscle mass and more fat than babies of non smokers, the child is also more likely to develop respiratory problems later in life.<br /> Basically, cigarette smoke alone is full of chemicals, some studies even state it has more than 2,500 chemicals. Some chemicals like tar, carbon monoxide, and nicotine were considered as the most dangerous substance for the fetus. It has long been proven how these chemicals can greatly affect the development of the fetus inside the mother's womb.<br /> Mothers who smoke while pregnant run a risk of ectopic pregnancy. This is especially viable when the mother is a heavy smoker during the first trimester of her pregnancy.<br /> Ectopic pregnancy refers to the state wherein the embryo is embedded outside the uterus, which is contrary to what normal pregnancy should be. Usually, it is embedded in the fallopian tube. In this manner, the fetus has to be removed because this kind of pregnancy will never survive. This fetus will never survive outside of the uterus where a fetus gets all the nourishment and protection that it needs. Prolonging this condition will only risk the mother's life.<br /> Smoking while pregnant will increase the probability that the mother will develop complications in the placenta. Reports show that placental problems are actually happening in about 1% of pregnancies. The most common problem is placenta previa where the placenta is connected very low in the uterus and is almost in the cervix.<br /> Another problem is the deterioration of fetal growth. Smoking during pregnancy results in low infant birth weight. For so many years now, reports show that there had been significant difference between babies with smoking mothers than those who have non-smoking mothers e cig liquids.      

 <br /> Greater risks are imposed on babies who relatively weigh less than the normal babies. They may acquire certain diseases like cerebral palsy, mental retardation, and the worst is death.<br /> There are also reports on how smoking increases the probabilities of birth defects such as cleft lip and cleft palate.<br /> Moreover, babies born with mothers who were smoking while pregnant have higher incidences of sudden infant death syndrome. If ever these infants survive, they may still incur diseases like asthma, behavioral problems, or learning disabilities.<br /> After the child is born, it doesn't get any better for babies with mothers who were smoking while pregnant, they still face problems after birth within their environment. Infants eighteen months and younger who have second hand smoke surrounding them in their houses are responsible for up to three hundred thousand cases of pneumonia and bronchitis e cigarette liquids. <br /> Studies have revealed that nicotine can be passed on to the baby through breastfeeding. There had been experiments that proved the presence of nicotine in the babies system through urine testing. It later showed that higher percentage of nicotine was found in babies who were breastfeeding by smoking mothers.<br /> Most experts contend that the problem lies within the mother's urge to get back to smoking right after they gave birth. They contend that it is safe now because the baby was born already. They still insist that they, in fact, stopped smoking during their pregnancy.<br /> The concluding scenario here is that when the mother continues to smoke during the formative years of her child, chances are she is already shaping a child that will most likely be a smoker themselves. That is, if the child can endure the dangers smoking can do with his or her health.<br /> So, what's the point here? The fact that the mother does not care for her own health is one thing. But the fact that she puts greater risk on her baby because of her vice is another thing, and that it is the most saddening part.<br /> Babies should be given the right to live a decent, normal, and healthy life. So, for mother's out there, please bear in mind that aside from the long range dangers associated with smoking your babies should not suffer. Let's take care of them simply by not smoking.</p>           
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