Smart usage of lifestyle products take care car

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Toothpaste: toothpaste has abrasive BENZ専用診断ツール elements, like the automotive valve and valve seat between the require to grind, toothpaste outstanding analysis substance. Car or truck dashboard lights mirror small scratches, use toothpaste to clean, with excellent final results.

Kitchen area detergent (agent): non-toxic and non-rot,ecu書き換え is utilised to replace fuel, kerosene, cleaning auto parts, especially rubber merchandise compact add-ons, washed, no deformation isn't swollen.

Active oil: health-related remedy bruises, liniment, made use of in clear asphalt filth on the auto, effortlessly and effectively without the need of l car diagnostic tools eaving any traces.

Laundry detergent: detergent powder and sawdust, clear filthy chassis grease and fix just after Nianman oil hands may make you such a sense of laid back.

<p>Cans: Jianlibao aluminum goods like cans, do the gasket for the car or simply restructuring funnel Provide include oil and water, usually do not expend dollars on the good material. </p>

<p>Drinking h2o in area of OBD2 Diagnostic Tool pure h2o: space for sale for the market of drinking water, pure h2o, according to the test, in line together with the demands on the battery with h2o, so is often utilized to supplement the battery to stop the fluid level is as well low to trigger sulfide. </p>

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