Santana 2000 touring inside the flame

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A mileage around 200,000 km the Volkswagen Santana 2000GSi style sedan. Auto BMW carsoft6.5 after flameout of the time driving about the way, the engine cannot be commenced. A month back and is challenging to start out mend, swap spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, motor velocity sensor, h2o temperature sensor, accelerate sluggish immediately after fix, rework, specified enhanced.

Pick-up: initial validation failure phenomenon, spin the ignition critical to Launch x431 the ON situation, alarm indicator light-weight; spin the ignition essential to the setting up posture, starter running strong, but the engine starter indicators.

Retrieval Kinder KT600 diagnostic trouble codes discovered a complete of 12 fault codes, clear Ford VCM fault codes with diagnostic, get started the engine once again issues code retrieval only 00,513 and 00,515 two fault codes are engine velocity sensor and also the failure of your camshaft posture sensor.

AJR motor, use from the the Santana 2000GSi sedan is M3.8.two edition of your electronic control technique. In open-loop manage is used in the event the motor is started out, when the ignition key is rotated for the ON block, the motor Eu IGN terminal acquired a substantial stage signal, mechanically activate the electric gasoline pump to really make it get the job done 1-2s, oil circuit enough stress. The ignition important is rotated to the setting up placement, the STA terminal of your Eu can even be described as a high-level signal Presently, Eu in accordance for the crankshaft situation sensor sign as well as the throttle situation sensor signal to ascertain regardless of whether the engine is during the start out condition. Identified no matter if the BMW obd2 throttle once the throttle position sensor is inside the shut condition, the crankshaft placement sensor to determine in the event the engine pace is lower than 300r/min, it is decided the engine is within the start condition, which runs start out manage program.