Renault Scenic automatic transmission into failsafe method

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A mileage more than 230,000 km, the assembly autel made by the French Citroen AL4 variety 4-speed electronically controlled computerized transmission 2003 Renault Scenic MPV . Prior to this car continues to be within a long time unsuccessful maintenance somewhere else.

Symptom: Posterior take a look at motor vehicle in to the plant , in the event the shift lever is placed just one in excess of the load , the transmission instantly into failsafe mode , locked in 3rd equipment . In case you phase to the accelerator pedal is light-weight transmission will not go on into shielded mode. When the change lever is placed two , the load above , there'll be an impression gear up 2 files , the oil will likely not continue on to ascend 3 data files , and quickly enter the failsafe method. Once the shift lever posture D placement, the load above , appears a file liter two data files shocks, the oil will keep on to enter failsafe mode three documents.

x431 decoder into use diagnostic method didn't uncover any fault codes . Then proceed continuously examination observed that when light accelerator pedal when driving , a equipment up two information or shock, two data files liter three information ordinarily, 3 -liter 4-speed gear skid , 800r/min just after affect ; because this car is not focused diagnostic devices so this failure can only be approximate evaluation: measurement modifications will carsoft mb immediately affect the load shift and perform tension , a result of the engine load is small , the working oil stress at about 200kPa shifting procedure can be done any time a compact load ; large load due motor load raise, working oil can not be achieved, unable to accomplish the shift , the electronic management device following the hydraulic pressure sensor monitors will enter protected mode.

Because this auto there are many prevalent faults , such since the filter is filthy , the standard just isn't superior , specially far more dirty filter , to ensure that the 2 primary frequency electromagnetic valve normally put on occurs . So start out here for restore , replacement of the new filter and solenoid valves , and internal for the transmission assembly performed an in depth evaluation , the results on the fault persists . Due to the fact preceding repairs in other places while in the system is changed , hence the initial output of the sensor , the input sensors, circulation solenoid valves , hydraulic sensors to detect the resistance , are usual. Subsequent, replace the valve by using a solenoid valve , the outcome symptom persists . In the meantime, it's got been adjusted to throttle look at mvp pro Ecu although the chance of failure exists , but they are between the use of Renault autos Eu CAN knowledge bus technique to transmit communications, so yet again concentration to the periphery of the transmission elements on . Oil strain sensor malfunction , Ecu will provide a wrong sign to enter the method condition , the solenoid valve regulates the flow of labor hydraulic procedure disorders can also result in reduced entry manner.