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<p>Rally driving Experience (265879)</p><p>Cloud 9 Living</p><p>Normal Price:</p><p>From $775</p><p>Drive it or Ride in it:</p><p>Drive it</p><p>Location:</p><p>Starke, Florida</p><p>Whole Day driving a Rally Ca</p><p>Ever before dreamed of driving an actual rally car on a proper rally track? This is your chance to achieve the impossible and push your limits to the max with the specialists in rally driving.</p><p>* Your professional teacher was a professional Rally racecar driver for over 14 years</p><p>* Your brief classroom period includes instruction on vehicle and track dynamics and car control knowledge</p><p>Description:</p><p>Your rally driving experience starts with a short 30-40 minute classroom session which takes care of driving safety and essential guidelines to help you get the most out of the cars Autel MaxiSys.</p><p>Then it's time to hit the track driving a rally prepared Subaru Impreza or Toyota Celica!</p><p>Under the guidance of professional teachers, who've trained national rally winners from 8 countries, you will see the fundamentals of driving characteristics, handbrake turning, controlled slides and 4 wheel drifting on a wide gravel track.</p><p>After lunch, the enjoyment carries on on the Rally Stage 2 course. Driving upon this unique course will involve lengthy laps in both a clockwise and counter-clockwise direction, which is very demanding!</p><p>Availability:</p><p>Choose dates; all year round.</p><p>Level One experience requires a minimum of three participants to operate on any specific date. Individuals booking Level One as individuals will be placed on a list until they can be paired with 2 other people for a convenient date MaxiSys Mini.</p><p>Starke, FL</p><p>Important Information:</p><p>Level 1 has a 3:1 student to instructor ratio and each student gets 1.5-2 hrs of seat time. Participants will need to have a valid drivers license and those below eighteen must have a parent/guardian sign a consent form.</p><p>Rally Driving Experience (245377)</p><p>Experience:</p><p>Whole day of instruction as well as practical rally driving in a Subaru Impreza Rally Ca</p><p>Cloud 9 Living</p><p>Normal Price:</p><p>From $525</p><p>Drive it</p><p>Dalton, New Hampshire</p><p>Complete Day driving a Rally Ca</p><p>So you have seen the World Rally Championship on TV and read about it in magazines. * Founded by 5-time US and North American Rally Racing Champion</p><p>* Learn skid control, accident avoidance, vehicle dynamics, and much more</p><p>* 560 acre private site consists of a 6.5 mile woodland road course, separate skid pad and braking zone, obstacle avoidance area, and slalom course.</p><p>* Subaru Impreza Rally Car with rally suspension</p><p>Additionally, you will learn an emergency avoidance maneuver that could save your life!</p><p>You will get a chance to be in the car as the instructor demonstrates the exciting "Scandinavian flick" or pendulum turn.</p><p>Ride in a Rally Car (467889)</p><p>Experience:</p><p>Normal Price:</p><p>From $80</p><p>Ride in it</p><p>Ride in a Rally Ca</p><p>Find what it feels like to be a top rally driver as you delight in a first hand demonstration of the speed, skill and daring demanded by modern day high performance rally cars.</p><p>You'll take the co-driver's seat for 3 exhilarating laps of our gravel rally driving stage. The most fun you can have on four wheels.</p>Drivers Day US is without a doubt a great impartial site that permits you to look at  from the best experience providers from the United kingdom. Look at the latest specials from the best providers of
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