Note that the relationship between cars repair and maintenance

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Note that the relationship between cars repair and maintenance <br>Vehicle maintenance and vehicle repair are closely related. In the vehicle maintenance process may find parts will be a precursor to failure or damage occurs, which can use the opportunity maintenance and repair. In the repair process, some of the undamaged parts should repair this is a very natural thing.<br>Therefore, the relationship between car maintenance and car repair is dialectical. In daily activities, we must properly handle the relationship between the two, adhere to maintenance negative tendencies, change focus on repairs but lack of maintenance. "Thirty percent repair, seventy percent maintenance" that is the truth.<br>For car care industry in the current situation, scientific car maintenance system is divide into six parts Launch X431 Diagun, and for the following six systems for special conservation.<br>First, the deepening of the lubrication system maintenance<br>The main role of each member of the lubricating system is effective automobile engine lubrication to prevent excessive wear. Under normal circumstances, every car driving 5000 km to10000 km would need cleaning and maintenance time, in the situation of excessive engine noise, weak acceleration, when the water temperature is too high also need cleaning and maintenance time. Cleaning the inside of the engine and other sediment sludge to avoid oxidation at high temperature oil thickening, reducing wear on engine parts, longer engine life, increased engine power.<br>Second, fuel system cleaning and maintenance (ie, cleaning nozzles, valves coke)<br>Under normal circumstances, every car traveling 10000 km to15000 km need cleaning and maintenance, or cleaning and maintenance once when you find the car shaking, hysteresis and poor acceleration, black smoke, weakness, cost of oil. Remove carbon deposits system, prevent harmful corrosion, prevent and stop leaking seals, completely replace the old coolant.<br>Third, cleaning and maintenance, cooling system<br>Under normal circumstances, the car in the winter the maintenance time is normal driving every 6 months to 8 months cleaning and maintenance, or cleaning and maintenance when the car appear high water temperature, leakage, boil . Clear traces lead to engine overheating to prevent harmful corrosion Car Tools store, prevent and stop leaking seals, completely replace the old coolant.<br>Fourth, the cleaning and maintenance of the gearbox (automatic transmission gearbox)<br>Under normal circumstances, the car maintenance time is each driving 20000km-25000km , or cleaning and maintenance the car when the car appear transmission slipping, high temperature, slow shift, once the system is leaking. Remove harmful sludge and varnish deposits, so that car transmission shift smoothly, improving power output, completely replace the old automatic transmission fluid.<br>Fifth, the power steering system cleaning and maintenance<br>After driving the car every 40000km-45000km required cleaning and maintenance, or difficulties encountered steering system, replace the power steering parts, also need cleaning and maintenance once. Clear the system of harmful sludge and varnish to prevent the leakage of power steering fluid, completely replace the old brake steering fluid.<br>Sixth, the cleaning and maintenance of the braking system<br>Car cleaning and maintenance once every 50000 km traveling, or cleaning and maintenance the car in case of premature reaction ABS, or ABS reaction too slow. Removal harmful sludge system paint, remove dangerous ultra high or ultra low temperatures failure to effectively prevent deterioration expired brake fluid.<br>Some good car diagnostic tools can help you test your car by yourself, such as: Autel Maxidiag MD802, Launch CRP 123 and so on. If you want know more about car diagnostic tools and car repair information please click the below site: Better Website<br><br/>Related Links<br/>