Moon Roof Installation

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A moonroof by any other name is still a sunroof. In other words, there is no discernible difference between the two. When first introduced as an option for new car buyers, the sunroof was illustrated more as a window on the roof, designed to let the sun in. In a marketing ploy, Ford Motor Co launch x431 pro plus. changed the name to moonroof, selling customers on its ability to let the moon and stars be seen from inside the car Car Repair Tool.
Not for the Do-It-Yourselfer
Installing a moonroof is more than a difficult endeavor. It requires expertise in many areas of automotive installation, heavy equipment certification such as welding and interior upholstery knowledge. Adding a moonroof is one of those things best left to licensed installers who can guarantee their work and fix problems that may occur while using your aftermarket moonroof.
If you are restoring or building a car from the skeleton up and want to add a moonroof, consider purchasing a kit and installing the kit before you tackle the interior. The most difficult parts about installing a moonroof properly are applying the headliner in a manner that looks professional and doesn't impede the beauty of the interior or the moonroof and laying the electrical in a way that doesn't affect the car's computer or cross other components.
Types of Moonroofs
Like sunroofs, there are several types of moonroofs that can be installed. In fact, if you are looking for a moonroof, just shop for sunroofs. As mentioned, they are the same thing and provide the same function.
There are static moonroofs that don't open at all but look beautiful, and there are manual moonroofs that tilt open when you unclip their lock and set it at open, pushing the moonroof upward. Sliding moonroofs open electronically and come with or without a wind spoiler, but they are controlled by a dual switch that allows you either to lift the moonroof or to slide it all the way open.<br/>Related Links<br/>