Misunderstanding about car oil

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<p>First, only add but not replace lube oil<br>There are many car owners only pay attention  to check the lube oil quantity, according to the standard, but without paying  attention to check the oil quality, ignore replacing the deteriorated engine oil,  resulting in some of the engine's moving parts are always in poor lubrication  operating environment, thereby increase the wear of lubricated parts. Engine  oil must be strictly in accordance with the manufacturers required mileage and timely  replacement, in general, the car is driving 3500-5000km, and it should be  replaced.<br>Second, add lube oil as much as possible<br>Engine oil is too lack everyone known to  harm car. So some owners fear starvation oil that think add more oil than less  and better, therefore, often not required to refuel make oil more than the  standard. In fact, too much oil has many hazards: 1, when cars drive with crank  stir to make a bubble and oil deterioration, increased resistance to rotation  of the crankshaft, so the engine will not only increase fuel consumption, but  also reduce engine power. 2, due to the oil on the cylinder walls of the  combustion chamber went to increase, so that oil consumption increases. 3,  accelerates the formation of coke combustion chamber. The engine is easy to  produce deflagration. Therefore, the engine oil is rather more no less is  misunderstanding, generally oil level should be maintained at the appropriate  scale slightly below the oil dipstick, oil level is too high will be  counterproductive.<br>Third, the higher the better lubricant  viscosity<br>To prevent wear of the contact surface  between moving parts, the oil must have sufficient viscosity to at various  operating temperatures can form a film between the moving parts. But shall not  exceed the level of lubricating viscosity affects the engine started, and  require minimal friction generated under conditions of continuous operation.  Oil viscosity increases too large mechanical wear, which is due to: 1, the  engine lubricating oil viscosity is too large, slow-moving, upstream slowly  through the small amount, cannot be added to the two friction surfaces. 2, when  the lubricating oil viscosity is too large, the mechanical friction between the  friction is increased, to overcome the increased friction need to more  consumption of fuel, while also reducing the engine's power output. 3, if the  oil viscosity is too large, the oil circulation rate will slow cooling and heat  dissipation backward OBD Tool, easy to make the engine overheat.4, if oil viscosity is  too large, the cycle speed is slow, oil filtration through the number is less,  it is difficult in a timely manner will wear down the metal end of the debris,  carbon particles, dust cleaned out from the friction surface. Therefore, does  not use engine lube oil viscosities is too large, it cannot be considered the  better viscosity. In ensuring lubrication conditions, when used according to  the temperature range, as possible as use the small viscosity lubricants. But  for more serious wear and tear has been the gap has been relatively large  engine, may be appropriate to choose a slightly larger viscosity lubricant Car Diagnostic Tool.<br>Forth, luxury cars must use imported lube oil<br>Some owners believe that the high cost of  high-end cars, and a good quality of imported oil, the use of imported oil  safer, more insurance. In fact, evaluation oil quality is not good or bad is  not to see its advertising efforts, but rather depends on the quality  indicators and the actual results. So luxury car should be based on the car  working conditions and technical specifications selection of appropriate  technical performance quality lubricants.<br>Some car diagnostic tools can help you test  your car by yourself, such as: <br><br/>Related Links<br/>