Mercedes-Benz S320 sedan while a twin-ignition engines

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After acquiring the car initially with fault detector read fault codes 21 (oxygen sensor fault). Just after replacing the oxygen sensor to iobd2 bmw distinct the fault code, though the symptom persists.

Further examination in the motor, the exhaust pipe was observed specified the rhythmic "chug" sound, there will be blasting phenomenon hard acceleration. Vacuum table with idle detection ingestion manifold vacuum, vacuum gauge pointer at forty five kPa-68 kPa, and iobd2 iphone accompanied by irregular up and down swings likewise. Based on the above examination the phenomenon: the engine might have an adverse specific cylinder functioning or not performing. 1 by just one from the cylinder examination, when off three, 4-cylinder, the performing issue of the engine with no adjust to confirm negative 3, 4-cylinder career. Remove the two-cylinder spark plug inspection, uncovered mb star no lousy put, adopted via the one, 6-cylinder ignition coil and three, 4-cylinder ignition coil into the examination after the transform, one, 6-cylinder function remains very good, indicating failure in 3, 4-cylinder ignition coil over the key side from the line. Detection having a multimeter electric power block 3, 4-cylinder ignition coil main facet from the state line, was short-circuited. Examination showed that there's a line is influenced by significant temperature and aging, the 2 cores have many contacts together. After replacing this line troubleshooting.

Then set down to the oxygen sensor cleaning immediately after reinstalling the car, the engine remains fantastic, and no fault code seems, indicating which the oxygen sensor alone is just not a fault, but thanks to 3, 4-cylinder gas mixture is just not lit immediately after becoming discharged outside the house the cylinder at substantial temperature fuel ignited, in order that the exhaust pipe is not really normal combustion gases, top obd2 bluetooth to the short term failure from the oxygen sensor and exhaust pipe blasting. On top of that, 3,4 cylinder of adverse, the powerful reduction inside the quantity of working cylinders of the motor, major into the intake manifold vacuum was lessened camp, thus impacting the engine idling, acceleration, regular operation at high pace.