Mercedes-Benz E200 motor sometimes lack of ability to speed up

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A mileage of about 90,000 km, Launch X431Mercedes-Benz E200 sedan. The car engine failure light, sometimes when accelerating chug seem on the exhaust pipe, incapability to speed up.

Fault diagnosis: Very first DAS detection, fault code for your exhaust camshaft auto scannerposition untrusted regulation to mistake. The cause of the failure are classified as the following:

(1) The camshaft situation sensor circuit or engine manage module failure.

(2) hurt to auto diagnostic toolthe camshaft posture sensor.

(3) The engine timing fault.

(4) failure camshaft variable timing.

In accordance the circuit diagram detect the exhaust camshaft posture sensor lines.

Key 2 block measuring exhaust camshaft position sensor No. 1 pin auto diagnostic software5V energy provide, measuring 3 Pin Floor line along with the body is turned, the No. 2-pin sign line corresponding while using the motor control module terminal is turned on, along with the 3 lines There's no short-circuit and open circuit phenomenon. Suspected damage towards the sensor, consumption and exhaust swap, the malfunction persists. Measuring exhaust camshaft adjustment solenoid valve line regular DAS activate the exhaust camshaft adjustment solenoid valve with idle, idling noticeable jitter the exhaust camshaft adjustment solenoid valve normally. So timing is suspected to 1 cylinder TDC posture, rotate the auto code readercrankshaft pulley, camshaft adjustment is marked and the camshaft bearing cap mark relative, as shown in Figure 2, is when there's nothing completely wrong with this particular fault detection deadlock.