Lexus LS40 unstable idle black smoke exhaust pipe

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Mileage in excess of two hundred,000 km, using the V8 engine, the displacement of 4.0L, Product 3UZ-FE, 4-speed automatic transmission assembly fgtech galletto v54 2005 Lexus LS400 sedan. Buyers report: motor vehicle exhaust black smoke appeared, idle instability, weak acceleration phenomenon and there is shooting, red-hot catalytic converters, even though Examine lights fault phenomena.

Check the assessment: 1st, the jumper while in the motor compartment with the connector terminals TE1 and E1 read through fault codes, 26, that air-fuel ratio is simply too thick. Then eliminate the air filter, found fault phenomenon stays. Then test the gas source procedure force tests ck100 are usual, idle oil pressure is about 255kPa, get rid of the vacuum hose over the fuel stress regulator, oil pressure is 304kPa, it really is typical. Eliminate the spark plugs of every cylinder checked and found 2,3,five and 8-cylinder spark plug are carbon major, and 1,four,six and 7 cylinder spark plug is ordinary, so for 2,3,five and 8 cylinder for ignition checks have been observed ignition is simply too weak. Originally concluded that 2,three,five and 8-cylinder ignition manage of No. two or No. 2 ignition coil ignition difficulty. 1st merely No. 2 and No. one igniter ignitor around the exchange, fault persists. Then check out No. two ignition coil principal coil resistance 0.5n, secondary resistance to 11kn, meet the necessities, the No. two and No. one ignition coil ignition coil around the trade, the 2,three,5 and 8 cylinder firing appropriately. So guaranteed No. 2 ignition coil out of the problem.

Troubleshooting: Substitute the No. two place coil, after commissioning, troubleshooting.

Fault Summary: LS400 engine ignition system consists of two sets of ignition and ignition coils, ignition No. one and No. one ignition x431 diagun coil cylinder ignition command 1,4,six and 7, No. 2 and No. two ignition coil ignition two,three,five and 8-cylinder ignition management. In such cases since the No. two ignition coil lousy do the job, resulting in two,three,five and eight cylinder ignition is too weak, incomplete combustion gas combination, 26 according to the output in the fault code. On the other hand, due into the No. 2 ignition coil ignition continue to upa-usb able, and so will not output fault code 15 (ie, No. 2 ignition technique failure). Afterwards, the proprietor confirmed the car is from the engine after the failure of the system to wash, so clean up the motor is the direct trigger damage to the ignition coil.