Land Rover Assortment Rover weak acceleration abnormal sound transmission

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A mileage of about 120,000 km, configuration 4. 4L engine and six-speed 6HP-26A -type hand / from one particular form of automatic transmission mb star the 2006 Land Rover Selection Rover SUV . Customers report: weak acceleration when the vehicle driving, higher engine speed and also the transmission upshift troubles transmission front and " buzz" abnormal sound.

After obtaining the motor vehicle : use the engine diagnostic procedure and also the automatic transmission procedure of self-diagnosis and observed no fault code. Examine the oil degree and quality with the automatic transmission oil , the outcomes starvation . Get rid of the automated lexia 3 pp2000 transmission oil pan , oil pan discovered inside powdery particles , and automated transmission oil is burnt odor , indicating the presence of the burning concerns of the automated transmission inner mechanical elements. Cautiously come across the reason for the oil spill was identified in the interface on the automated transmission and engine have traces of oil , indicating that oil could leak from the torque converter.

Disintegration automatic transmission repair , 1st see is definitely the torque converter has a substantial temperature color, as well as at its neck strain traces. Torque converter with specific equipment to cut open and found its way within the guide wheel has become burning clutch , torque converter will not fix the worth from the whole , decided to exchange the deal with . Carry on to check out other elements , x431 pumps as well as burning up the base , pretty much all clutches and brakes have distinctive ranges of ablation. Difficulty planetary gear mechanism is unlikely, you are able to carry on to utilize.

In accordance with common automatic transmission overhaul repair , substitute the torque converter , oil pump assembly , all of the friction elements and all of the sealing element . The automatic transmission mounted for the vehicle , the gearbox oil to include unique , since the oil seal is damaged the front finish of the torque converter , the automated transmission operation in case of lack of oil , obdii leading to a lot of mechanical parts damaged because of poor lubrication , accelerating weakness, issues shifting and "buzz" abnormal sound takes place . This automated transmission there is a challenge, is large around the automated transmission oil prerequisites. Soon after overhaul automated transmission , if there's a slight shift noise , then there could possibly be reasons that don't match the high quality in the oil . Organizations can opt for to improve green large transmission oil to resolve this problem.