Land Rover Assortment Rover instrument show dynamic suspension failure

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<p>A 2008 Land Rover Vary Rover star diagnosis vehicles. The remaining front on the auto due on the collision which uobd2 occurred over the left side of the broken steering rod and shock absorber deformation, right after replacing the shock absorbers , the instrument displays the dynamic suspension failure.</p>

<p>After receiving the vehicle : with exclusive fault detector SDD checks , study fault codes C 1 A03 26, its meaning is left front height sensor voltage signal failure . The sensor is a Hall sensor , you'll find three wires linked to the air suspension regulate module , where VDM UCANDAS a reference is 5V electric power line , a signal line , a person with the grounding line. Infer doable brings about are: front left top sensor deformation or set up are certainly not in position ; still left front peak sensor inner circuit fault ; still left entrance top sensor relevant fault line ; air suspension deformation ; air suspension control module failure .</p>

<p>See the still left entrance top uobd2 sensor knowledge , the reference provide voltage is 4.ninety three V, the sign voltage of four.73 V; see suitable entrance top sensor information , the reference source voltage is 4.ninety two V, the sign voltage of one.seventy eight V. It may be observed front still left and suitable peak sensor signal voltage stage sensor sign voltage change is simply too significant . The peak from the uobd2 front remaining and ideal front peak sensor interchangeable sensor installation commissioning, the still left front peak sensor info using the info didn't adjust the proper launch x431 v wifi front height sensor ; turning ideal entrance height sensor arm , the signal voltage at 0 V ~ four.8 V alterations ; turning still left anterior peak sensor arm , the sign voltage uobd2 is possibly to 0V, either for the V ~ 4.eight V, but not at 0 V ~ V modify . Infer still left entrance peak sensor by itself is regular, the fault may perhaps be at stake or still left front air suspension height sensor management module .</p>

<p>Disconnect the wire connector over the air suspension regulate module , employing a multimeter to check the line as well as the still left entrance air suspension height sensor handle module concerning brief circuit phenomenon doesn't exist. In case the air suspension command uobd2 module incorporates a fault , it might be divided into application failures and hardware failures . The vehicle 's air suspension manage module might be refreshed , which could re- generate data. Should you refresh the air suspension handle module failure cannot be excluded , then it may be a components a part of the air suspension command module is defective.</p>

<p>Troubleshooting: lexia pp2000 Just after refreshing air suspension regulate module test , left peak sensor reference supply voltage 4.ninety two V, the signal voltage of two.03 V, the uobd2 details returned to usual, the fault code is often cleared troubleshooting.</p>