It Is Necessary for You to Take Measures

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<p>Long-term suspension of the vehicle, as a result of weathering and the technical condition of the Assembly and organs becomes bad, lose their technical performance.To mitigate such adverse effects, owners should always keep maintenance for the car with Long-term suspension, so that it is in good condition.</p><p>1, Check the working condition of engine <br>Starting the engine at least once a month, idle run 4-5 min, check the operation condition of the engine. If there is any abnormal phenomenon, need to adjust, maintenance. <br>2, check the metal rusting<br>Corrosion is mainly the moisture in the air, oxygen, and corrosive substances together.Therefore, for a long-term suspension car,metal surface cleaning shall be maintained.Parked vehicle garage should keep ventilated, often keep the air relative humidity below 70%. Need to clear the dust on the car in time, dirt and moisture.On the surface of the parts and parts that easy to corrosion shall be coated with oil, grease, or bandaged up in the paper. For assembly institutions on pore maxisys elite, should be sealed, avoid moisture, air and dust into the interior.<br>3, check the cotton and linen products of mildew and carpet etc<br>It is easy to absorb water.Especially in the humid and rainy seasons and more likely to be affected with damp.So the owner should always check the cotton and linen products of the car,besides,you should keep it dry.<br>4, check the lower gasoline antiknock performance <br>Gasoline antiknock performance depends on the discretion of the gasoline octane number.Car long term suspension of gasoline octane number with increasing loss and gum content of light weight components declined, making its anti-knock quality diminished.Therefore, gasoline fuel tank to be tightly closed and avoid overheating launch x431 pro3.Gas storage time had better not be too long. <br>5, check the rubber aging deterioration<br>Rubber products of Automotive,such as tires, belts and dust cover and so on,They often aging, inflation, or to form phenomenon that cause performance deterioration, shorten service life. </p><p>Aging of rubber products, mainly due to the rubber are polymers of unsaturated hydrocarbons, easy to absorb oxygen from the air and oxidation, and Vulcanized rubber there is a certain amount of breathability, easy access to internal oxidation of oxygen.Especially in direct sunlight (Gallery forums), would result in the rubber to age rapidly.After the rubber was petrol, oil stains, and can cause volume expansion, plastic change loose elasticity declining.In order to prevent the aging of rubber product, should avoid direct sunlight and mineral oil contact.</p>
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