Interpretation elevated non-slip ABS system crisis brake

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The car's anti-lock braking program ABS エアバッグリセットツール refers towards the "Anti-LockBreakSystem", known as ABS. Once the car is in movement, if abruptly taken braking, Car Key Programmer easily the braking resistance exceeds the resistance amongst the tire along with the ground, the wheels will Hugging the car to shed steering ability even sideslip drift in snow or slippery pavement this The phenomenon is extra apparent. ABS brake by detecting the wheel speed as well as the car pace is matched to determine if a tire will not be locking, as based on the dimensions in the manage braking drive, in order that the adhesion among the wheels and the ground maximized to enhance the braking manipulation attributes. Being a novice, how to use it adequately?

ABS role
ABS function is merely to prevent automobile tires locked crisis brake, the crisis brake to prevent loss of directional control and wheel ECU チューニング 販売 skidding automobiles outfitted with ABS in the dry asphalt, rain, snow along with other road non-slip the functionality is substantially higher when compared to the automobile is just not outfitted with ABS.

In current ages as a result of the developing importance on the automotive consumer security, the majority of the automobiles have ABS as common gear. If no ABS, crisis braking is normally cause tire locking, then, rolling friction into sliding 自動車診断機 friction, the braking power is significantly diminished. And when the entrance wheels from locking, the automobile misplaced steering ability; In the event the rear wheels prior to locking the vehicle at risk of sliding, develop into unable to manage the direction of website traffic.

ABS Misunderstandings

Initially, a correct knowledge of ABS. Some press raised the ABS can considerably shorten the braking distance concept, which inevitably somewhat exaggerated. Often even over a tough street, there the ABS operating in sand or snow within the road may perhaps lead to the braking distance is more time compared to ABS with the vehicle will not be set up. So OBD2コードリーダー equipped with ABS vehicle ecu チューニング driving usually do not be also relaxed with all the car or truck too near Shui Meng or drive, and the lines are very dangerous.