Hybrids Reduce Gas Emissions

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<p>Hybrids not only perform above average on mileage (the Honda insight can reach above sixty mpg) but reduce their gas emissions and air pollution considerably. Toyota Prius, for example has a 90% reduction in the amount of pollution that would otherwise be in the air. And although this is not perfect it has improved the current standard considerably</p><p>About one third of air pollution is caused by the fuel used in cars. The major culprit is the carbon dioxide which causes global warming. Compared to regular cars, the Toyota Prius reduces the amount of carbon dioxide by fifty percent. And the hybrid made by Honda has reduced its emissions by two thirds. Nitrogen oxide, a chemical found in car emissions, not only causes global warming, but will cause acid rain and lung irritations. Hydrocarbons is another substance found in gas emissions from a car and this can cause birth defects or lung cancer. Lead is also released in the air as is carbon monoxide every time the car is in motion. Imagine sitting in rush hour with all those toxic gases being released in the air.</p><p>With a hybrid the gases and other substances are dramatically reduced. Because more and more people are becoming concerned about air pollution and global warming, car makers are rushing to meet the demand. There are the hybrid models from Toyota and Honda and Ford. But Saturn and Mazda and GM are following suit.</p><p>The EPA is also participating in encouraging this trend by supplying more information to the consumer about the hybrid cars. There are new ratings in place. One is the ultra low emissions vehicle (ULEV) and the other is the super low emissions vehicle (SLEV) launch x431 v+. The hybrids on the market today receive either one of the ratings but regular cars never reach the mark.</p><p>There is a system in place that the EPA uses to rate cars. It gives two scores, one for the green house gases and the other for air pollution. In the seventies, there was a law passed that required cars to keep to certain standards MaxiSys Pro. Regular cars barely met the requirement. Even if you took into consideration things like speed, weather or location, that may change the outcome of results. It doesn't reduce the high scores of the hybrids. In fact, this score can be perfect at times because the hybrid runs on electric power too. So that reliance on gas is decreased, making the hybrid the better choice of car in the market today for the EPA</p>Jackson Porter is a staff writer at Environmental Central and is an occasional contributor to several other websites, including Automobile Enthusiast.
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