Honda Accord two.4L air conditioning will not be cooling

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A mileage of BMW E/F scanner about 66,000 km of your 2008 Accord 2. 4L vehicles. Customers report: automobile air conditioner just isn't cooling , compressor harm due to substitute of a new compressor assembly.

Troubleshooting : 1st connect the air conditioning cooling system pressure gauge measurements , observed inadequate refrigerant . Back lockpicking on the air conditioning technique was pressurized and also the strain reaches two. 0MPa, retain about time 30min, the outcomes procedure with out leaks. Clear away the pressure gauge fittings, examine the high and very low stress pipe valve inside the sealed case , but did not obtain the leak . Take out the compressor to remove electromagnetic clutch.

The inspection uncovered the compressor oil is not ample as well as the colour black, when the clutch amongst the energetic presence of traces of burning the disc and driven disc , indicating sizeable slip clutch . Just after re- replacement compressor clutch , cleansing the whole air conditioning procedure ( which includes condensers , evaporators, growth valves and higher and minimal stress piping ) , and replaced a reservoir tank filling compressor oil drying somewhere around 60mL, refitted method just after checked for leaks , and then evacuated. Get started the engine , if you start off filling the refrigerant anomalies, finished plus ckm100 car key master 1 bottle of refrigerant , the lower tables showed no complications , the pressure of about 0 1 MPa, substantial table is displayed as 0 three MPa;.. Finish second in Canada once the bottle refrigerant compressor all of a sudden issued plenty of exhaust sound , followed through the engine began to significantly shake the compressor drive belt began to slip.

Observe the pressure gauge , then the lower stress of about 0. 15MPa, high table is displayed as 0.five ~ 0. 6MPa, when the engine flameout.Lexia 3 pp2000 Following careful observation , you are able to see the cover of refrigerant from your compressor discharge strain relief valve . Get rid of the cover to check out the compressor , but found no anomalies. To exchange the compressor cover. Following loading the test stress is standard , so he raised the compressor lubricants , restart the engine following filling refrigerant , and also to reproduce the results from the final fault.