Honda Accord odometer zeroing method

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Set around the Honda Accord 2.4 L and 3.0 L car or truck dashboard maintenance lights when the odometer mileage OBD2 ソフト of 9 600 km-12 000 km via the ignition swap, servicing lights 2s, while over 12 000 km once the operator has but to get performed servicing routine maintenance Lantern has been shining, timely upkeep to prompt the owners. Once the sedan in servicing requirements odometer zeroing operation, precise solutions are as follows: Convert the ignition swap, urgent the reset button over the instrument panel, right until the odometer demonstrates as "0" thus far. To remind house owners of the prior to in motor vehicle servicing. Consider zero operating unavailable thanks to upkeep lights lit, obd2 software so odometer the cumulative mileage will no more accurate and routine maintenance lights is getting rid of its function.

Honda Accord 2.0 L sedan isn't set about the dashboard maintenance lights "MAIN TENANCE REQUIRED" indicator on the dashboard obd2 connector prompts, in the event the mileage of near to twelve 000 km. The indicator light changes from eco-friendly to yellow, a lot more than twelve 000 km routine maintenance has still being executed, the indicator from yellow to red. Upkeep after. So as to be certain that the guidelines in the indicator perform, zeroing procedure, the precise process of procedure is as follows.

(1) Disconnect obd2 scan tool the ignition switch, the ignition crucial to the tachometer down below the tank;

(2) the steering column beneath the instrument panel within the suitable aspect of your button is pressed and preserved for 3 s;

(3) keep down the mixture of your car diagnostic tool instrument the correct facet in the "SELECT" and "RESET" button, change the ignition change, release the button inside the 10s just after zeroing procedure is complete.