Honda Accord automated transmission intermittent skid

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A mileage of about 150,000 km, configure F23 A3 motor and computerized transmission, the Honda Accord sedan . Buyers report: computerized icom a2 transmission when the automobile in gear and D3 D4 file with intermittent skid, the car is not going forward at this time , the engine idling phenomenon happens .

After getting the vehicle : the fault indicators to substantiate the shift lever into D3 D4 file or documents , the car can travel , but so long as acceleration , engine idling phenomenon happens , the auto cannot travel , cannot ascend to the automated transmission gear 3 and four files. A further strategy to examination the usage of the change lever into a file or two documents , the auto can travel , acceleration , in the event the pace improves will change lever into D3 D4 file or information , the auto could be large speed. The above mentioned check outcomes display a few and four clutch clutch itself is ordinary, there may be a fault inside the hydraulic management. auto key programmer x100 Verify the automated transmission oil , gas and oil correctly. The clutch hydraulic fluid pressure measurements are standard . Check out the shift control valve and line connections , normal. Changing the hydraulic valve , test , failure is not really dominated out. Accessibility to applicable data , investigation equipment shift lever to govern worksheet , as revealed in Desk .

Contrast both of these electric power transmission lines, we can easily see the variance lies within the one-way clutch is functioning. The one-way clutch can be a sprag type , the outer ring gear is connected using an interior ring gear three is related with , for a one-way locking perform , and autologic bmw hence just the energy transmission equipment towards the one -way clutch , not passed from 3rd gear to solitary clutch . In the event the one-way clutch is damaged, then the car or truck when D3 D4 file or information won't be promoted to high-speed driving equipment . Get rid of the automated transmission decomposition checked and located the one-way clutch is poorly worn . The one-way clutch is caught from the vise , be afterburner, the effects of locking slip. Changing a one-way clutch , automated transmission set up , commissioning , fault wholly ruled out.

The one-way clutch just isn't entirely weakened, intermittent faults . Since the failure of mechanical failure, the automated transmission regulate unit can Volvo VCADS Pro 2.40 not history fault code , it ought to be combined with an computerized transmission driving theory is analyzed to uncover the fault site, troubleshooting.