Honda Accord at higher speed when shifting regularly

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A mileage in excess of 200,000 km, configure K20A7 style electronically controlled engine and automated transmission EAT40 Honda Accord sedan. Consumers report: zed bull key programmer brake , automatic transmission vehicle at high velocity right away when downshifting , human body vibration appreciably .

After getting the vehicle : the engine method as well as computerized transmission procedure self-diagnostics , no fault codes. Conduct a trial run , since the automatic transmission can downshift to create computerized transmission, normal affliction , the specific situation with the average kess v2 review motorist who really feel you will find a dilemma , even so the automobile drivers have additional encounter to sense the velocity deceleration vibration ( this process ought to not downshift ) . Soon after repeated test , once the motor vehicle is discovered to be 5-speed braking , then accelerating , 4-speed computerized transmission down first , and afterwards rose to five documents , as well as the resulting influence on the recurrent shifting .

Observation of the dashboard engine tachometer and speedometer , ensure the engine speed shift somewhat , estimates and underpowered engine connected . See the information move motor program , the data is normal, just a little bit larger throttle position sign : throttle situation idle lock picking tool situation was nine.07% , 0.00% relative situation with the throttle . See the automated transmission system of the details stream , in the absence of despair with the accelerator pedal , the throttle place is 907 %, indicating that the data is taken through the motor system . The particular look at the throttle place sensor , located which the sensor is adjustable. Loosen the 2 mounting bolts , rotate the sensor though observing the exhibit of diagnostic knowledge , tightening bolts once the throttle posture turns into four.72% . Road exam , failure signs or symptoms disappeared completely, ending upkeep work .

This case in point illustrates the failure great basic principle with the automatic transmission change . During shifting , the equipment handle is initiated through the motor load along with the auto speed determined by two things . Throttle situation reflects the engine load , idle throttle position signal is a crucial issue of the reference sign , in the event the signal is simply too large , the partial load and carprog v5.46 the total throttle position signal is usually comparatively big load ailments , the identical auto downshift inclination more substantial , therefore leading to high-speed frequency shift . The relative situation of the throttle valve is calculated from the engine control device , the throttle position sensor signal following adjustment will transform, but immediately after adaptation, idle affliction of the relative placement in the throttle will revert to 0.00% .