Ford the sharp boundary reversing visible imaging units usually do not work

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16000km Ford Edge auto. The homeowners reflect: car or truck reversing visual graphic technique doesn't get the job done, central watch alarm facts. The versions with the central show, ELM327in addition towards the display might also screen car or truck alarm, fault info and reversing visual impression units such as DVD and air conditioning.

Pick-up: The check out demonstrated within the central screen "rear see camera is X431unavail-able, make sure you get hold of your dealership".

Turn the ignition swap and linked into R block, the central screen targeted traffic information to the rear in the vehicle didn't screen effectively (beneath typical conditions really should be joined into R block to your rear from the motor vehicle).GM Tech2 Audio together with other capabilities show up standard. Connected to the Ford-specific detector IDS detection, fault code C1001. The fault code prompts reversing visual imaging procedure handle circuit fault (Figure 13), which fault code can not be cleared.

According into the higher than indicators, to determine the first explanation for the failure may possibly have: reversing sign is just not transmitted to the reversing visual picture command module;キセノンランプ reversing visual picture handle module energy offer or Floor lousy; reversing visible picture digital camera rear from the vehicle regulate module fault; failur.

IDS detector following the digicam can not begin to see the details, so very first detection reversing visible picture manage module electricity source and grounding, detected, its electric power source and grounding. IDS can begin to see the the reversing sign output with the electricity control module. And reversing visible image manage module is linked to community communications. Consequently is often judged on the reversing signal will also be sent into the reversing Autelvisual impression handle module. Then following examining the digital camera line. Also uncovered no anomalies. Since after the digicam cannot right detect. You may only use the substitution method. Therefore the digicam vehicle test travel with the exact same product of car take a look at soon after altering test fault motor vehicle soon after reversing visible graphic program again to standard (Figure 14), and so establishes that failure was induced soon after terrible digicam function.