Fiat Auto car or truck engine flameout

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A one.five L Nanjing Fiat Palio (PALIO) hatchback , a website traffic incident , nevertheless the motor is just not weakened , even so the more really serious harm to the exterior sections . Soon after starting up the engine incident maintenance completion check , the engine didn't get started the device , due to the fact there is certainly no high-pressure fire is detected by further more harming the crankshaft position sensor . So he changed the crankshaft place sensor, then the check, the engine incredibly quick to start the machine, but due to the fact then though the adhering to indications porsche piwis look : After the cooling lover into your high pace phase , the engine will instantly transform off. Following stalling the engine cannot get started the machine quickly , should wait around for your motor to cool down , it truly is effortless to start out the machine, once the cooling lover and into the high velocity stage , the engine will stall.

After I took about the unsuccessful automobile , first confirm that the malfunction. After several trials , has located this failure phenomenon . Connect X - 431 fault detector to diagnose , can not locate fault diagnostic and engine electronic manage unit for usual communications. In desperation only in accordance with conventional methods for evaluation of vehicle faults . Just after just one motor flameout, right away unplug a person and plug in the cylinder of a spark plug cylinder line ready to check whether or not the high-pressure fire motor in the "missing cylinder " condition despite the equipment . Then just after the motor stalled , place a plug in digimaster 3 the cylinder sub-cylinder line and try to fireplace. The motor is just not the signal equipment, then pull down a cylinder energy traces . Proceed for starting up the take a look at, the motor can get started the machine . Based on these conclusions , combined using the failure phenomenon analysis, that the failure was a spark plug from the cylinder off the hearth due to the large temperature . When the engine digital management device receives a signal cylinder spark plug from the hearth following the implementation of defense actions, earning no injector gasoline injection , the engine stalled promptly . When the motor temperature down and re- start out the engine , then the spark plugs don't fire , the engine electronic regulate device commonly issued directions to the injector fuel injection , the motor can start out the machine . But soon after every one of the four spark plug replacement test, found out that the fault is still present, plus the emergence of the new fault outstanding phenomenon, that is definitely, once the motor during standard operation . A number of people touched by hand crank place sensor output signal line motor about the flame , but some people anyway contact touch crankshaft position sensor output sign line engine will never stall. Just after session, agreed that such a "strange phenomenon" will be the results of electrostatic interference , simply because all people 's physique resistance sample sizes , carbrain c168 static electrical energy voltage level usually are not the same , not a similar disturbance . Since the engine crankshaft position sensor is usually a magnetic composition , which by itself is definitely an AC generator , the sign making suggests is undoubtedly an active type , it sends a signal is weak , only millivolts , as a way to prevent the weak indicators emitted from the sensor interference, and so the set up of a shielded cable, shielded cable is damaged , if owing , above the so-called peculiar phenomenon is not surprising .

Check the crankshaft situation sensor harness beyond the defend , it was discovered that there's some damage in the joints , so its wrap cure to guarantee the shielding outcome. Then the worth in the sign emitted by the crankshaft place sensor was detected . AC voltage having a multimeter block (2V) measurements , the output signal is 245 mV, the typical benefit must be no less than 250 mV. Hence the gap amongst the crankshaft place sensor detects the signal generator and the ring equipment , the measured hole is 0.eighty illm, the typical price should be 0.two mm ~ 0.4 mnl, therefore the crankshaft placement sensor mount gap rubbed which has a grinding wheel layer, to ensure the hole among the two requested to achieve the normal value . And after that to fire assessments , failure in accordance to IB. Right after volvo dice pro checking the data that, considering the fact that the electronically managed engine may be secured towards hearth regulate , but additionally you will discover recollections, however troubleshooting , but its memory can not promptly disappear , it's essential to re-learn to return to usual functioning condition. The road take a look at vehicle manufacturing unit opened in much less than five km when driving engine stalled 7 situations, but carry on driving, the engine automatically switch off phenomenon hasn't re- surface. This failure to wholly dominated out.