Eight signs of car failure

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Eight signs of car failure<br>1, the working conditions mutation<br>Mutations in the so-called working conditions, working conditions means the car suddenly appeared abnormal phenomenon, which are more common failure symptoms. For example: difficulty in starting the engine suddenly stalled again, cannot even start; engine in motion a sudden drop in power, with weakness; moving suddenly deviation, even as the failure. Symptoms of this failure is obvious, it is easy to detect.<br>2, abnormal noise<br>Abnormal sounds occur in the process of moving the car, the car fault "alarm." Sudden abnormal sound in motion, as the car driver should be aware of a problem launch x431 v plus, you should immediately stop checks, must not let the vehicle "sick to work."<br>3, the exhaust smoke color is not normal<br>Engine operation, the main component of the normal products of combustion is carbon dioxide and a small amount should be water vapor. If abnormal combustion engine, the exhaust gas will be mixed with the incomplete combustion of carbon particulates, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and the amount of water vapor. In addition, nitrogen oxides, etc., then the exhaust color may black, blue or white, that exhaust smoke color is not normal. For gasoline, the normal exhaust should be no noticeable smoke. But oil upward cylinder, exhaust blue; incomplete combustion, exhaust was black, oil mixed with water, exhaust white.<br>4 from overheating<br>Usually appear on the engine OBD Tool, transmission, drive axle final drive, differential and brakes assembly. For example, engine overheating, mostly for cooling problems, lack of coolant or pump is not working; transmission and drive axle to overheat, mostly due to lack of oil; brakes overheated brake shoe mostly caused no return. The above phenomena can sometimes be a direct reflection of the dashboard warning lights out when needed to observe the driver to drive; you can manually test surface temperature.<br>5, leakage<br>Leakage refers to the automobile engine fuel, lubricating oil (or gear oil), brake fluid (or air) and power steering fluid leakage, etc. It is also apparent failure symptoms, careful observation can be found. For example the compressed air leaks, leakage can clearly hear the sound.<br>6, excessive consumption of fuel and lubricating<br>Excessive consumption of fuel and lubricants indicated that the situation has deteriorated automotive technology and has produced a fault.<br>7, with special odor<br>The car is running, if the brake dragging clutch slip fault, will emit friction plate of burnt; engine overheating, while channeling oil cylinder combustion, will diverge issued a special odor; short circuit, grounding there will be coke burnt wire smell when burned.<br>8, automotive appearance abnormal<br>Car parked on a flat site, check appearance condition, if any horizontal or vertical skew phenomenon, namely the appearance of anomalies. The reason is multi-frame, body, suspension, tires, etc. fails, this will cause instability when traveling direction, deviation, weight transfer and wheels "eat tires" and other failures.<br>Here we recommend some car diagnostic tools can help you test your car by yourself, such as: Launch GDS, Autel Maxisys pro, Autel MaxiTPMS TS501 and so on. If you want to know some car maintenance information, please click the below information: Better Website<br><br/>Related Links<br/>