Durex Introduces Innovative Lubricants For Heightened Pleasure

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<p>In the past, lubricants used in condoms were just the plain type. Adults were used to it then but through the years, they were seeking more pleasure with their partners. Fortunately, one of the world's leading condom manufacturers was quick to respond to this need and that's when the innovative Durex lubes came about.</p><p>The latest lubricants of Durex called Play Lubes are available in different variants. Whatever is your mood, there's one that will surely suit you.</p><p>Feel - This is a water based lubricant but different from the regular one you're used to autel maxisys mini ms905. It is because this type is not sticky or greasy. It feels light to the skin and ensures smoothness all the way.</p><p>Heat - As its name suggests, this Play lube guarantees you and your partner experience the warmth you've always desired. By using this variant, you can remain hot and desirable to your partner.</p><p>Tingle - Men and women love to feel some tingling sensation when their sexual desires are aroused. Using the Play Tingle lube will help you achieve this on whatever part of the body. With its silky feel, refreshing taste and fresh scent, you can become as desirable as you can be to your partner.</p><p>Pina Colada - Do you think this name is just for tropical cocktail drinks? Think again because Durex has come up with its own version of Pina Colada although in a lubricant form this time. But just the same, applying this lube is smooth and leaves a sweet and fruity scent like you've never experienced before.</p><p>What also makes this lubricant an advantage is the fact that it's water soluble. This means you can use it with your Durex condom and vibrators.</p><p>Very Cherry - Those seeking a flavorful experience should try this variant. It's similar to the Pina Colada being smooth to apply with a sweet and fruity flavor to boot. But don't worry as it's free from sugar and water soluble so you are free to use it along with a condom and even the vibrator Autel MaxiSys Pro.</p><p>Aloe Vera - For those with sensitive skin, using this variant is ideal. It ensures a silky but not sticky sensation but at the same time nourishes the skin because of its aloe vera ingredient. Being water based, it can also be easily washed off without leaving any stains.</p><p>Massage - This is in a gel form but can also serve as a lubricant at the same time. It also contains aloe vera to make sure that your skin is well nourished while you're enjoying the company of your partner.</p><p>Massage Melts - This is the frozen form of the Durex Play Massage 2 in 1 gel. Using this on the body will result in a tingling sensation. It's safe to use with a condom as it can act as a lubricant as well.</p><p>Mousse - A familiar name associated with sweetness if food is what you have in mind. Now Durex has its own version that comes in a cream form. But this 2 in 1 mousse is light and non greasy users will easily feel comfortable with it.</p>Author is the publisher and writer which is writing about Durex Condom For more info visit at
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