Do not over-pampered car?

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<p>Some owners as a consequence of excessive or inappropriate to take good care of your auto, generating the ECU書き換えツール vehicle ahead from the "aging". Must spend focus to what the day-to-day maintenance on the auto, and how to avoid the error of car maintenance?</p>

Cleaned Peregrine paint effortless "premature aging"

<p>Prevalent circumstance: Some owners on the automobile the Prevention of Cruelty to excessive, common weekly vehicle wash more than twice, and, when a month for the vehicle wax.</p>

<p>Professional tips: In response to this phenomenon, Pang Zhuanying hit an analogy: Just as people today bathe too frequently, can cause dry skin, aging, like, for the auto "bath" as well often is the same cause. If the car wash is as well a great deal simple to paint "premature aging". The owners can place a feather duster inside the trunk, a little bit dust on it to solve this would considerably lessen the quantity of automobile wash. Car or truck waxing and it is not too usually, their own garage parking, and since over traveling the road of very good roads, each and every 3 to 4 months to play a wax. Open storage of cars because of wind and rain ideally each 2 to 3 months to play a wax, obd2 bluetooth waxing periodic intervals as well frequent or also lengthy isn't very good on the paintwork.</p>

Ignore the tire pressure safety hazards

<p>Typical circumstance: only automobile, but don't pay focus to the level of tire pressure, resulting within a security hazard.

Experts suggest: the correction is usually a specifically important part of the safety examine tire pressure, nevertheless it is often overlooked. Pangzhuan Ying told reporters, tire pressure plays a huge role in protected driving, if the tire pressure is too low, a direct outcome of standard wear and tear of tires, tire updates more rapidly, and the tire pressure is as well high are more likely to result in danger, makes the tire The wheels are more vulnerable to the influence of uneven pavement deformation, and also bring about a flat tire. Frequently, no less than two weeks to examine tire pressure.</p>

Prevention of Cruelty to excessive lubricant added only expensive

<p>Common scenario: a few of the car or truck owners inside the collection of lubricants, afraid in the auto from the "wronged" decide on the lubricant label, will not understand that the car will lead to harm.</p>

<p>Specialists recommend: the concept of a great deal of people today that imported brand-name, will not be the case, lubricant label is just not as higher as possible, should really be chosen in accordance with the requirements in the original auto engine style.</p>

Too a lot oil increases

Prevalent scenarios: when to add oil to the automobile around the line over the tank.

<p>Specialists suggest: handle plus the quantity of oil within the oil tank between the two lines. elm327 usb software Pangzhuan Ying said, the oil shortage will exacerbate the degree of wear of the engine, and in many cases result in burning ZWZ accident. Also a great deal oil will lead to overheating engine temperature, improve internal power loss, not heat, but additionally improved oil failure resulting in burning row splashed oil on the cylinder wall.</p>