Diesel motor working with the ingestion manifold to find out fault

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In case you suspect how the diesel motor of the cylinder function diseases, to not rush to remove the cylinder head plus the decomposition of your diesel engine, you could consider the following actions:

1. check the obd2 コネクタ temperature of your exhaust manifold. The crude explosive diesel engine perform, and managing audio is uneven, inconsistent cylinder combustion situations, among the list of good reasons is each individual cylinder fuel injection amount will not be equal. At this point you can not contact each cylinder from the exhaust manifold (ideally making use of an infrared thermometer), if a temperature on the manifold is especially large, the corresponding cylinder injector excessive, in the event the temperature of the manifold certainly biased very low, indicating how the corresponding cylinder fuel injection amount is modest, really should test and modify the fuel injector.

2. in the manifold auscultation abnormal sound. Suspected valve audio in the affect aide while in the upper section of the diesel engine, the exhaust pipe break smoke even include oil port away from the crankcase blowby the suspected valve seat is loose, you can the ingestion manifold trachea mouth and exhaust pipe mouth at auscultation, if there may be a "flap" abnormal sounds, while the diesel motor working shortly if you contact the intake manifold, a cylinder intake manifold temperature is bigger compared to the other consumption manifold, consumption valve seat free, thanks to your high-temperature gasoline in the cylinder once the ingestion valve truck obd2 tool seat, consumption manifold to the inlet port reverse, so the irregular sound; an exhaust manifold of the reduce temperature than the other exhaust manifold The corresponding cylinder exhaust valve seat may perhaps be free.

3.The apart the intake manifold and exhaust manifold observed. Diesel motor oil consumption is extreme, and at times cannot establish oil is "Shangcuan the" or "sucked" in to the cylinder, the ingestion manifold may be removed, look at the cylinder head inlet for the internal wall of sticky than a lot more oil, the oil is sucked within the gap between the valve stem and valve information cylinder (called the "suction" and participate while in the combustion; inlet internal wall no traces of oil, oil usage via other car key programmer channels, you must for even more examination. diesel motor revved, if occasionally issued shrill "Dangdang" abnormal sound, most specific injector drop of oil (ie, poor atomization) is normally not the piston abnormal audio so that you can be confirmed dismantle the exhaust manifold, moist If it's found inside the exhaust manifold of the cylinder, the cylinder injector atomization poor.

4.-by-cylinder breathe Regulation for investigation. Car OBD2 Tools supplier the radiator matter "pant" the audio, you are able to take away the ingestion manifold, and then make use of the approach to uncover the reason for the fault-by-cylinder breathe Get rid of the ingestion manifold, start vehicles, stopped them one by one having a piece of soaked cotton yarn (don't dripping) of each and every cylinder intake port , when letting one more individual to look at the fluctuations on the liquid floor with the coolant inside the radiator liquid inlet, When plugging an intake port meniscus is changed, indicating which the cylinder there's a problem is generally complicated to detect cracks to the cylinder car diagnosis instrument shop liner. Get rid of the ingestion manifold, it is best to 1st verify the thermostat and h2o pump for abnormal do the job.