Chevrolet Sail S dashboard flashes

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A mileage of about 86,000 km, Configuration 1. 6L engine and 40LE Automatic Transmission Chevrolet Sail sedan. People reflect : to start out the auto , the instrument panel S indicator Ktag flashes when driving computerized transmission lock file.

Failure Evaluation: LEDs are light-weight activity manner automatic transmission , automated transmission each time a fault occurs , the S light flashes to indicate trouble-free operation manner is enabled. Computerized transmission procedure for self-diagnosis , you will find there's fault code P0705, the content material of the automatic transmission gear swap failure . The fault code can't be eliminated, the fault true.

Stall switch put in inside the middle of the computerized transmission , check the installation standing , no anomalies. Unplug the stall change harness connector ECU Chip tuning tool and look at terminal voltage , no voltage. The automatic transmission equipment switch is really a 4 -wire manner switches should be working voltage. Check out the power offer line and found the fuse F18 blown. Substitution treatment method, test, fault completely ruled out.

40LE Automated Transmission through the torque converter ( lockup clutch ) , oil pump , planetary equipment assembly , differential along with other components. Clutch equipment shift actuator component comprises CO, ahead clutch C1, the reverse clutch C2, equipment clutch C3, brake BI ( band ) , brake B2, one-way clutch FO, one-way clutch F1. Computerized transmission equipment external electrical components such as switches, brake gentle swap, comprehensive velocity swap ( kickdown switch ) , the mode lights. Digital components inside the automated transmission features an input shaft pace sensor, the output shaft pace sensor , temperature sensor , the shift solenoid valves 1 , 2, auto key programmer change solenoid valve , the stress manage solenoid valve , L-up solenoid valve ( hydraulic torque converter converter lock-up solenoid valve ).</p>

<p>Automatic transmission handle device (TCM) as well as the engine handle device (ECM) in between the four info strains , the transmission of your indicators are as follows : Engine iobd2 pace signal , the motor load signal , torque management signal , Park / Neutral alerts.