Chevrolet Europe engine fault lights, velocity is not apparent

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A mileage only 80km love CD Europe Chevrolet 1.6L sedan. Demonstrates the owner: The vehicle motor fault light is lit, solid stage within the gasoline pedal even so the motor vehicle speed is not really obvious.Vehicle house owners only two times, driving an motor fault gentle around the instrument suddenly lit, automatic Launch x431 transmission would not change up. Test the transmission no traces of oil spills, using the motor regulate module GDS2 check out DTC P0700 (Transmission Control Module has requested fault indicator is lit), transmission manage module fault code P0776 (tension management solenoid valve two catching near). Endeavor to delete fault code, take a look at driving about 2km replica failure, the automated transmission into emergency mode, the restrict is 2 block reverse equipment and not upshift.

See upkeep guide that clutch tension management solenoid valve handle solenoid valve assembly two is part, there exists no serviceable parts. 2 Alter the force management solenoid valve gearbox oil to 3-5 / reverse gear handle valve, control provides to 3-5 / reverse gear clutch oil pressure. Transmission handle module enter shaft pace sensor (ISS) and the output shaft speed sensor (OSS) velocity sign transmission equipment ratio calculated within the foundation, with every instruction on the sought after transmission ratio equipment for comparison.
<p>When the instruction 3-5 / reverse equipment clutch along with the transmission enter shaft 3s continuous pace is larger when compared to the anticipated enter shaft velocity 400r/min, the transmission manage module detects which the clutch is engaged gear ratio, or perhaps a sudden boost in error, these a circumstance thrice it will eventually set the fault code P0776, since it is a Class A diagnostic codes, TCM will get the next steps: Transmission Handle Module command line pressure reaches its utmost value; Transmission obd2 diagnostic device Control Module limits the transmission gears and two reverse equipment; Transmission Control Module Freeze transmission adaptive functions; Transmission Manage Module Disable Tactile upshifts / downshifts functionality; Transmission Regulate Module disabled ahead gear manual shift.</p>

<p>Possible failure causes: ① regulate valve assembly 3-5 / reverse gear regulate valve from particles, bonding, valve destruction or scratches brought about by holes jammed / catching the ball check valve physique thanks to damaged crumbs is not seated thoroughly; ② handle solenoid valve assembly on the strain regulate solenoid valve two ③ 3-5 / reverse equipment and clutch housing assembly 3-5 4-5-6 block block / reverse gear clutch plate snap ring is not in position, leading to the clutch assembly overtravel.</p>