Chevrolet Cruze engine slight shake when accelerating

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A mileage of about 65,000 km, equipped which has a manual transmission 2010 styles of Chevrolet Cruze one.6L sedan. launch x431Reflects the operator: The vehicle will be the motor vehicle incident, the maintenance store changed the cylinder head and the oil pump just after engine failure lights, and there is a slight jitter.

Failure Assessment: As the car is fault vehicle, the first use to determine, hear, touch, take a look at a mix of techniques, preliminary tests of your vehicle. Opened the hood and located no important leakage, digital obtain and breakage phenomena. Then start off the engine and found fault lights on the instrument, and also the fuel doorway that has a slight shake with the phenomenon. Symptom in truth, because the proprietor, as reflected. ECM module with GDS detection P0016 (crankshaft place an intake camshaft position is unreasonable) obd2fault code. Read through the fault code, the 1st reaction will not be on fantastic timing, check the timing marks comparable to the traditional placement. Measuring two camshaft posture sensor and two camshaft posture actuator solenoid valve line is ordinary. Attempted changed together with the exact sort of cars on the two camshaft situation sensor, two camshaft position actuator solenoid valve, two camshaft posture actuators, two camshaft, crankshaft place sensor, ECM module, engine wiring harness, though the fault persists.

The vehicle exam, identified fault by using a status for a sizzling automobile following commencing (P0016), re-check the engine timing posture is regular. With GDS comparing the information, read through the engine idling: Determine one displays the truck diagnostic toolbreakdown automobile, the consumption camshaft placement command is 80%; Determine two displays the normal motor vehicle, the consumption camshaft place command is 62%.

In purchase to more assessment to determine the cause of the malfunction, decided to utilize the oscilloscope were being measured: the intake camshaft signal, the sign exhaust camshaft, crankshaft signal waveform. The waveform comparison with the usual vehicle and located the intake camshaft situation biased.