Buick Excelle the multifunction switch hydrocephalus caused the shift shock

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A Buick one.8L sedan, equipment 4HP-16-type transmission, the car gear failure phenomenon of "red hair". The car diagnostic toolfirst road exam to slam the brake pedal, the shifter hanging within the "P" place in to the "D" bit and also the "R" bit noticeable vehicle "red hair", concurrently the the stalls exhibit within the instrument cluster irregular.

Remove the multi-function change and decomposition, several drops of water inside of. Clear multifunction obd2 code readerswitch within the water and dry by using a hair dryer, and troubleshooting.

The Volkswagen 01M-type automatic transmission of your multifunction swap (F125) is situated within the automated transmission casing. In case the multi-function switch hydrocephalus, will result in the inner shorter circuit, the automated transmission Ecu receives the correct shiftECU programmer details, will enter the emergency defense state, and disconnect the hydraulic handle circuit in the solenoid valve, ensuing in stress is too significant, seem to change the Draw the influence of your phenomenon.