Automotive electrical process dual-voltage scheme Account

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New automotive electrical process, you will find two embodiments, a 42V single voltage scheme of your entire car, another is often a 14V/42V double voltage Airbag Reset Tool scheme. Automotive components producing business with the former will possess a considerable influence around the latter less effect, gentle changeover. Thus, the automotive industry tend twin voltage program.
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As early because the 1990s, Germany has setup a Vehicle Power Discussion board (Forumbordnrtz) customers to participate in the establishments Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Opel and Porsche, the company is mostly engaged within the 42V energy provide specification standardization analysis, proposed 14V/42V twin voltage power supply technique specification nissan consult 3 draft. On top of that, Ford and MIT also initiated the company from the MIT / Industry Alliance customers contain Common Motors, Daimler? Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Renault, Volvo, Siemens, Bosch, Motorola, Delphi and also other well-known auto dealer, components and electronic telecommunications supplier. The business review 14V/42V dual voltage power supply methods for automotive electrical and electronic equipment and approaches. To advertise the event of this function, the American Culture of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has additionally setup a particular twin / high voltage vehicle digital devices Committee. From the perspective of the breadth of participation within this plan research, this new framework in the electrical system has become identified from the intercontinental automotive business.

4V/42V double voltage plan: automotive electrical and electronic manage equipment depending on the power usage dimensions is divided into two Ford VCM groups, tiny and medium-sized energy to be a group working with 42V voltage provide, power supply, high power 14V voltage electrical installations, these suggests the average power in the array of 400-1000W, respectively, the peak power could be up to 500-5000W. Enhance the voltage worth, can lower the quantity in the electrical machine itself, excellent and reduction, can also be conducive for the miniaturization in the unit handle, and enhance the level of integration. For example catalytic converters heater, windshield heater, cooling admirer, electrical, suspension, solenoid valve driven equipment. Conventional electrical and electrical installations (like lighting, sign, instrument panel, Electric Windows, Central lock manage system, motor electronic gas injection devices, ignition manage gadgets, and so on.) just isn't energy, 14V power supply is GM tech 2 favorable. The modern power supply process has full compatibility with regular energy supply method, which can be a standard function of the technique.

14V/42V dual voltage conversion course of action is as follows: Air conditioning engine output 42V of higher voltage, having a DC / DC converter (DC-DC converter), from 4 2V converted to 14V. In this program, DC / DC converter power supply process is separated X431ダイアガン into two distinctive voltage ranges in the energy provide process, OBD2 Diagnostic Tool the buck outdoors, nonetheless in the energy distribution of the entire electrical method administration play an essential role.