Audi two hundred car accidents can't start out immediately after mend

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A mileage of about 12 million km, configuration the AEB-type electronically managed engine, with turbocharging system of your Audi 200 one.8 sedan. Reflect: The vehicle experienced weakened due to ECU chip tuning tool collision accident, although the body deformation really serious, although the engine procedure is intact, the problems are standard. Even so the system repair, automobile failure, dashboard lights begin none during the continual state.

Take the vehicle: to substantiate the fault signs or symptoms and found which the fuel pump isn't working from the commencing procedure. Direct electrical power into the gas pump, gas pump procedure, but still cannot commence the motor. Evaluate the lead to, it can be approximated that a faulty cable connection. Examine the line two harness plug from the base from the fuse box, precisely the same shape but diverse hues. Two harness plug modify, switch the ignition switch, lighting process again to standard, you'll be able to listen to the seem of idle solenoid valve motion, gas pump procedure is stopped right after about 2s. Start the automobile, the engine is jogging, the idle speed may be very very low, not high idle purpose, can't be accelerated, providing the acceleration, the engine will change off. Check the fuel pressure to ordinary.

The link accomplish self-diagnosis, motor program has two faults, "the air circulation sensor sign is just too low" and "faulty throttle posture sensor. These two sensors is detected, the measurement final result is normal. Implementation in the DTC Clear, and after that re-query fault data, lexia 3  however two fault codes. Replace the air circulation sensor plus the throttle place sensor, the fault persists, and idling can only be managed for the short time.

Remove the motor manage module to examine the inner circuit board intact. Look at the cable link standing, originally connected the wrong line engine manage module energy source line, it was cardiag suspected that the the adaptive details loss of the motor control module, leading to the engine cannot operate usually. Make use of the diagnostic primary settings from the motor system, and after that start the motor, the engine idling clean, powerful acceleration, the flame disappears, the end from the upkeep work.

When the motor management module in the case of electrical power a sudden power failure, causing loss of price of the primary options for throttle posture sensor, engine handle module auto diagnostic tool cannot appropriately detect the throttle placement following setting up the motor, the motor command module cannot be idle conditions to control the motor pace is simply too reduced, for that reason Classifying air movement sensor sign along with the throttle sign, and shop the fault code.