Audi A8 exchange ahead and reverse severe impact

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Configure a German ZF (ZF) Business 5HP-19FLA (01V) type 5-speed electronically controlled all- wheel-drive automatic transmission , VDM UCANDAS scanner mileage over 260,000 km in 2002 imported Audi A8 two. 8L sedan.

Symptom: The vehicle traveling about 15 kM ATF and filter alternative when , and go on to use the change excellent troubles about three months later. At the starting of failure, failure just isn't clear , hence the scenario isn't going to have an affect on the use and operation for mb SD compact 4 star diagnosis a couple of month . At this failure phenomenon far more clear , extraordinary effect men and women really can not carry on to implement. Since there may be no community specialist car in automated transmission mend workshop , hence vacation prolonged distances to Beijing to open up maintenance .

When taking in excess of the vehicle , following the true street take a look at appear accurate Symptom : place to hold ahead and reverse brake significant impression , even though the reverse bonding time lag , and accompanied by two underneath the impact of feeling ; When touring 2 -3 affect file when protecting the file consequently surface soon immediately after a few shocks click sensation ; 3-4 gear shock , it is far from major ; part of the file after the transmission up absolutely with click emotion once the influence issue from the file 5-4 , four -3 file ,3- 2 files autoboss v30 sale and parking brake quickly file will impression about 2-1 ; in 2000r/Min a lot less consistent motor velocity , vehicle pace taken care of at 50 ~ 90kM / h, will probably be uninterrupted provocative phenomenon , provocative hands whilst the engine pace will fluctuate up and down .

Maintenance procedure: First, using particular diagnostic fault queries. Did not report any fault codes in its fault memory by reading through its dynamic info , identified only within the implementation of your transmission torque converter lock-up clutch slip three,four,5 file volume fluctuations, along with other data ended up standard . Prior to now, according to paragraph summary of some transmission restore experience , in almost any scenario need to do a transmission overhaul .

But fgtech so that you can troubleshoot one by one issue , did not hurry into the transmission decomposition, nonetheless use diagnostic instrument for dynamic data by reading the in depth street exam , and 11 assess the trigger lies.