Audi A6 motor failure indicator gentle, choking exhaust emissions

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Auto mileage about ELM32755000km, ATX engine geared up together with the Audi A6 sedan. The car motor fault indicator light is on, the phenomenon of choking exhaust emissions.

The understanding that. Car or truck entrepreneurs to buy second-hand auto dashboard displays within the in close proximity to GM Tech2mileage could be artificially tuned. It demonstrates the operator, the car continues to be the failure to mend factory routine maintenance moments, each and every motor fault indicator lit to clear the fault code would be the rear motor operate back to standard. Functioning for some time, the phenomenon will surface again.

Very first, open the motor compartment lid, the look at engine peripheral traces and vacuum tube, and located no abnormalities; then connection failure detector examine fault codes, tone was failure secondary air injection pump flow failure (incidental), using a take a look at light-weight detection secondary air injection pump connector from the electric power supply terminal, when commencing the motor, X431the take a look at mild could be lit, indicating which the standard power provide of your pump. Remove the secondary air injection pump following the disintegration of inspection, observed its impeller is damaged, so he changed the pump, after which you can very clear the fault code following the check, almost everything is typical, then enable the vehicle factory.

About twenty times later, the vehicle again to the plant servicing, to reflect the above mentioned phenomenon nonetheless exists, as well as the motor idling jitter. Fault detector to connect again to examine the fault code. S one: the cylinder no recognition to the ignition tune the information of the fault; cylinder i did not understand the ignition; cylinder 2 no recognition to the ignition; cylinder 3 does not realize the ignition; camshaft timing command solenoid valve malfunction (incidental). Eliminate the spark plug test the electrode coke, switch the spark plug after the test, the fault persists; Test the ignition coil and diode check mild to check every cylinder injector regulate sign, found the very first cylinder, cylinder 2 and 3 cylinder injector control sign once the engine just work generally, even so the motor operate soon after 10 min. Started to become ordinary and abnormal (exam lights flashing), 4-cylinder, 5-cylinder and 6-cylinder been working. Measure the resistance of each and every cylinder injector. Are inside the normal variety. Measurement in the 1st cylinder, the second cylinder and 3-cylinder gasoline injector harness, also observed no abnormalities. Due to the fact fault code retrieval, there is a fault code on the camshaft timing manage solenoid valve ecu チューニングmalfunction ". Decided to look at the first cylinder and the second cylinder and 3-cylinder camshaft timing handle solenoid valve, measuring its resistance. Usual; to open valve chamber include inspection uncovered the camshaft timing command solenoid valve キセノンランプchain tensioner seat of bakelite fracture.

Remedy: switch the chain tensioner bakelite Block.