After buying a new car you need to know the daily Guidebooks

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<p>With the accelerated pace of life in the city center as well as the increasing prices of older, more and more people put their new homes are autel maxiflash j2534 placed in the peri-urban areas. And although these places slightly cheaper prices can be inconvenient, so the car has become a necessity for car maintenance have to seriously.</p>

<p>New car without changing the concept of conservation</p>

<p>People often think, bought a new car in addition to clean after not require any maintenance, a variety of conditions remain the best condition. In fact, the idea is completely wrong. Car break-in period of bad road conditions is crucial for the future, when the various parts of the car running and lubrication requirements are relatively high. New car, like people, just on the road, and some faltering. In general, new car tires must travel more than 200 kilometers of friction to achieve the "best adhesion"; brakes iobd2 must travel more than 400 kilometers in order to achieve the "ideal friction" various parts of the entire vehicle movement friction subject to more than 1000 km of running, in order to establish a good relationship with. Especially the heart of the car - engine, car parts surface roughness, bearing area, with the degree of relationship do not have the ideal design, engine assembly machine, electricity, oil, water, gas and various system conditions did not achieve the best overall balance. Seen in terms of the run on modern vehicles still meaningful.</p>

<p>Car surface maintained intentions</p>

<p>Many owners, especially the female owner liked the car interior decoration is very beautiful, like frequently washing. But rising prices, now a car wash at least three fifty to several hundred. For a large part of the public concerned, to the street when the car car diagnose wash in clean simple look just fine. But for paint maintenance, not because of money but just one wash. Bought a new car wax to protect the surface layer, which is different from the usual layer of protective wax polish with wax. This layer is called the "transport protection wax" element is divided into two kinds of oils and resins Wax. Therefore, new car wax required to go to a more professional automotive beauty shop to do maintenance. In fact, like the hands of the owner of the car you can buy yourself a bottle of special "dewaxing" was back in front of their own to open the online tutorial wax, so-called "self-reliance, food and clothing." After dewaxing usually on one car again, "wax" to consolidate it. Because "Transportation protective wax" is mainly to prevent the acid rain is the paint, in addition to the protective layer after layer of it is necessary to re-wax to ensure against acid rain and dust.</p>