2008 Accord sedan Stomach muscles operate failure

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Symptom: id46 decoder box a 2008 Honda Accord sedan versions, thanks to traffic accidents plus the replacement of the Abs brake pump iron plurality camp, testing found that in the event the car pace is thirty km / h lack of directional command all through crisis braking, the braking kp819 length prolonged.

Inspection KP-819 and investigation: test located that following a handful of crisis brake before locking the rear wheels, occasionally locking the front wheel when braking pathin the deviation towards the still left, there is the phenomenon id forty six duplicate box of rightward drift.Disconnect the Abdominal muscles pump wire side connector take a look at, the brake deviation and drift phenomenon disappears.

Check the Stomach muscles indicator gentle on the instrument panel, standard; examining with Ediabas OBD2 interface HDS, Ab muscles is no fault code saved; electromagnetic valve tests were being also usual; incoming knowledge stream revealed no abnormalities, soon after commencing the engine brake when the brake pedal force is about 8MPa, typical. According into the take a look at success and evaluation of failure phenomena, that may be the Abs operate abnormalities, the proposed substitution Abdominal muscles pump assembly, although the substitute Abs pump assembly soon after Ediabas OBD2 interface the examination, the fault hasn't gotten much better. Once more the thorough assessment of cases of failure that could be brought about by brake lines installed erroneous. The inspection observed which the correct entrance and still left rear brake around the Abdominal muscles pump iron pipe put in incorrect.Troubleshooting: Abdominal muscles pump will likely be put in incorrect brake kp819 important programmer iron pipe put in thoroughly drained brake program air inside the pipe.